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Film, Television & New Media Lawyer

Who am I:

I am Valentina Mayer, a lawyer specialized in European law, media and entertainment.

After graduating in law in Italy, I obtained a Master in European Business Law abroad and then another in European Audiovisual Management. I worked in Brussels for a few years, where I developed my legal skills in the field of media, intellectual property and new technologies.

I have been admitted to the Bar Association in Italy in 2003 and since then I worked as a lawyer for an important Italian television production company, for the Italian branch of major international television groups, for Italian and foreign independent producers, festivals and film markets …

Lately, I have been commuting between Rome and Berlin for both personal and work reasons.

In addition to Italian, I speak English, French and I am learning German.

What do I do:

I am co-founder of DANDI and I am in charge for the Berlin office. I deal mainly with intellectual property and the protection and exploitation of film, television, music, publishing and digital products. My activity ranges from traditional assistance in negotiating and drafting contracts, to the judicial protection of intellectual property in all its forms of expression.

I represent authors, creatives, producers, companies and other bodies and organizations in Italy and abrod in the culture, media and entertainment sectors, dealing with international co-production agreements, contracts for authors, actors, agreements for national and international distribution of audiovisual works, I provide advice on regional, national and European funding for the development, production and distribution of audiovisual works, from the most traditional sectors of cinema and TV, to new formats of exploitation of rights deriving from the latest technologies.

While providing legal assistance, I consider important to have a 360 degree perspective, therefore, in addition to the contractual activity, I am interested in the regulatory aspects of the digital / media and entertainment sectors and I deal with, among other things, legal advice on national and European legislation in the audiovisual sector, on-line platforms, e-commerce, advertising and unfair commercial practices, user generated content, privacy, public procurement, sponsorships and much more.

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Distinguishing features:

My most outstanding characteristics are curiosity and versatility, that summed up with my expertise are able to bring added value to the legal assistance I provide to my clients.
I am a proactive and stubborn person, to someone, I can at first glance seem cold and sophisticated, but in reality I am a down-to-earth and good-humored type…

What do they say about me:
“She’s nice, but she’s a lawyer!”
“She’s a good lawyer, but gosh, she knows it!”
“Do not invite her to lunch: she eats and drinks for three!”

but you should not believe everything you read on the Internet.

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