DANDI boutique IP and media law firm. The film, television and motion picture business is often characterized by bright lights and lavish lifestyles. To be successful in this fast-paced sector, you should include a team of legal problem-solvers with proven entertainment law experience.

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If you are involved in the entertainment industry in any way, it is important to have an accomplished, trustworthy entertainment lawyer in your corner. I represent numerous writers, directors, producers and production companies. I serve a global clientele in transactions involving financing, producing, and distributing motion picture, television, and new media projects.

If you are looking to shop an idea, work on an upcoming project or inquire about the distribution of a documentary or movie, I am the reliable entertainment lawyer that will fulfill your needs.

I am able to assist clients in anything from signing a small deal with a producer to a major motion picture industry negotiations distribution. I offer a wide-range of film and entertainment law services including but not limited to creation of the business organization through which a project is made, drafting all deal memos and other contracts necessary to memorialize the legal details of a project, as well as assisting in the deliverables for film distribution.

Our goal is to protect your rights and help provide you with an avenue where your ideas and creations can flourish.

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