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Using the Blockchain to copyright art

Using the Blockchain to Copyright Art

The introduction of the blockchain technology is a great asset to the art industry. Although many companies offering services to implement the blockchain into art are yet at the beginning of a new era, it’s

yoga e copyright

Copyright and yoga

Is it possible to copyright a sequence of movements such as yoga poses, dance steps or pilates movements? International courts, scholars and copyright offices tried to give an answer to this question for some time.

Preventing Image Theft

Preventing Image Theft: Some Tips

Preventing Image Theft (by Andrea Feustel at Copytrack) Here are the simplest to the most complex methods for image protection.  Name the copyright owner The attribution can be placed either on your own website or

Lesione del Diritto di immagine e tatuaggi

Album Cover and right of publicity

Album Cover and right of publicity (By Nathan Solis) SANTA ANA, Calif. (CN) – A father of two sued rapper Cardi B in federal court Thursday, claiming she used his likeness without his permission on

La regola dei sette secondi

The “Seven-Second Rule”

The Seven-Second Rule (by David Kluft) If you are a television news producer or documentary filmmaker, you have almost certainly faced this issue. You are putting together a story about a past event, and you want to

John Lennon

Yoko Ono sues ‘John Lemon’

Yoko Ono sues John Lemon Yoko Ono pressured a Polish beverage company into changing the name of its new drink, “John Lemon,” with the singer-artist’s legal team alleging that the product infringed upon her late husband, John

Mr Kebab e Mister Kebap

‘Mr. Kebab’ and ‘Mister Kebap’

Mr Kebab and Mister Kebap The GC endorsed the BoA’s findings that the signs in question were similar. It stated that the global assessment of the likelihood of confusion, in relation to the visual, aural

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