Are you an independent producer and you need legal services for a project you really care about? … with DANDI WE CAN DO IT!


You are in the stage of DEVELOPMENT, PRODUCTION, or DISTRIBUTION of a film or audiovisual work and you need some of these services:

    – find partners and funding for your project in Italy or abroad;
    – evaluate the opportunities and financial resources available at regional, national and international level;
    – contact the Italian Film Commissions and your co-producers to negotiate the agreements that are most advantageous for you;
    – orient yourself among the various contracts for the different parties involved (director, talents, executive production, etc …);
    – drafting the partnership agreements for participation, co-production, the financing requests most suitable for your project;
    – complete the chain of title;
    – find a national or international distributor and negotiate the related contracts;
    – understand how to position your film (festivals, markets, on which new platforms you can use it …)

Finally with DANDI We Can Do It! we listen to you and provide you with the legal assistance you need!

A lawyer does not just look for you when you have to pay the parcel … a lawyer can be your precious ally!

BOOK NOW 30 minutes for free, to tell us about your project and request a package of legal services both advantageous and tailor-made for you

With DANDI We Can Do It! Valentina Mayer will solve your urgent problems in the field of production proposing you a tailor-made package. Should everything be solved as soon as possible? DANDI has a new personalized service for our best customers.

To receive the package:
BOOK for free telephone appointment with the lawyer Valentina Mayer for a first evaluation of your project and your needs, clicking on Fred below and sending your data, your e-mail and phone number;
WE WILL SEND a confirmation e-mail and Valentina Mayer will CALL you on the day of the telephone appointment to evaluate your needs and propose the best package for you;
– After the telephone appointment we will send you a summary email and a QUOTE for a convenient and tailor-made package of legal services .
SOLVE quickly and effectively your problems in the development, production or distribution of your project!


Dandi Law Firm provides legal assistance in Copyright, Film and New Media. Check out our Services or contact Us!

I specialize in intellectual property creation, protection and exploitation

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