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Marchio Lambretta decaduto per non uso


Trade Mark LAMBRETTA Court of Justice: Orders, Judgements and Preliminary Rulings Case C-577/14P; Brandconcern BV v EUIPO and Scooters India Ltd; Judgment of 16 February 2017. RESULT: Action dismissed KEYWORDS: Proof of use, Extent of

Lynn Goldsmith e i diritti d'autore sulla fotografia di Prince violati da Andy Wharhol

Prince Copyright Image

Prince Copyright Image The estate of pop art icon Andy Warhol is suing a photographer to protect his legacy from her claim that he copied her photo of Prince, according to a lawsuit filed Friday

Frappuccino Unicorno

Unicorn Frappuccino infringed for ‘Unicorn Latte’

Unicorn Frappuccino infringed trademark for ‘Unicorn Latte’ A New York City café, The End Brooklyn, has taken on multinational coffee company Starbucks in a war over unicorns. Filed at the US District Court for the

libertà panorama legislazione Inglese

Freedom of panorama (FOP) in the UK

Freedom Panorama UK (by Domenico Piero Muscillo). In UK, as like in Germany freedom of panorama is admitted. Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 is the most important legal act related to this issue. Article 62

Freedom of panorama (FOP) in France and Germany

Freedom panorama France Germany (by Domenico Piero Muscillo). In France there is no kind of legal provision that declares the existence of freedom of panorama neither for sculptures nor for architectural works or for 2D

Position Marks

Position Marks

Position Marks Although position marks are not an officially recognised category of trade marks under UK or European Union (EU) law, such ‘unconventional’ trade marks are registrable, subject to fulfilling a trade mark’s essential characteristics

Finding good Chinese name luxury brands

Finding a good Chinese name for luxury brands

Finding a good Chinese name for luxury brands For luxury brands, finding a Chinese name that is widely accepted by different stakeholders has become increasingly complicated thanks to the fast pace of communication and the

Moral right

Moral right in the European Union

Moral right in the European Union We are considering doing a survey on moral rights in the European Union. Thus, we would be glad if you could take some time to answer the following questions.

The Big Bang Theory vs Newline 

Big Bang Producers can sleep soundly to Soft Kitty

Big Bang Producers can sleep soundly to Soft Kitty (from David Liao) Fans of the hit show “The Big Bang Theory” will be familiar with the catchy song “Soft Kitty” What may be less well-known

Media literacy in Europe

Media literacy refers to all the technical, cognitive, social, civic and creative capacities that allow us to access and have a critical understanding of and interact with media. These capacities allow us to exercise critical

European Convention Cinematographic Co-Production

New European Convention Cinematographic Co-Production

European Convention Cinematographic Co-Production Twenty-five years after its creation by the Council of Europe, the European Convention on Cinematographic Co-Production will become more international. On January 30, during Rotterdam International Film Festival a revised Convention

flyer berlin stories

Photography workshop in Berlin!

Photography workshop in Berlin! DANDI is proud to present an exciting initiative, a photography workshop in Berlin for beginners, professional and generally photo lovers! Welcome to the ‘Façade Photography Berlin”s Workshop held by Dario Spoto

Il dilemma dei produttori di "Bong" di lusso

Trademark Infringement Dilemma of Luxury ‘Bong’ Maker

Trademark Infringement Dilemma of Luxury ‘Bong’ Maker ( How do you argue those counterfeit water pipes are illegal under trademark law when the original is illegal under federal criminal law? Much like BMW and Mercedes-Benz

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