Dandi serves as counsel to a variety of individuals and companies in the entertainment industry, and regularly handles matters involving intellectual property. Our clients include writers, directors, actors, composers, production companies, music producers, bands and solo performers, in connection with television projects, films, live performances, and other ventures. Unlike many other attorneys that practice in this area, we handle both litigation and transactional matters, and importantly have a thorough understanding of the business considerations and day to day concerns of our clients. The law governing intellectual property and entertainment-related properties is complex, and arises from a myriad of sources. Our firm provides an array of services related to intellectual property, including registration and protection of trademarks and copyrights, negotiation and drafting of artist, employment, production, licensing and distribution agreements, litigation of issues related to ownership, usage and infringement, as well as insurance and coverage work specific to entertainment and IP matters. Free your creativity with the right protection.

Media literacy in Europe

Media literacy refers to all the technical, cognitive, social, civic and creative capacities that allow us to access and have a critical understanding of and interact with media. These capacities allow us to exercise critical

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