Why should anyone care about copyright law? Even if the only creative work you’ve ever done is upload your profile picture to Facebook, surprise! Your life has been affected by copyright law. If you’re an artist or journalist who has asked the questions, “How can I get people to see my work?” or “How can I make money off of my work?” it may be helpful to take a look at these articles. If you’re just an average person who is afraid of getting in trouble for downloading the wrong file, or uploading the wrong video to YouTube, it might also be helpful. If you’re starting a business and you’re trying to figure out some of the legal issues that may affect your website, marketing materials, and promotional videos and photos, checking out these articles would be a great idea. Creativity is universally agreed to be a good that copyright law should seek to promote.

flyer berlin stories

Photography workshop in Berlin!

Photography workshop in Berlin! DANDI is proud to present an exciting initiative, a photography workshop in Berlin for beginners, professional and generally photo lovers! Welcome to the ‘Façade Photography Berlin”s Workshop held by Dario Spoto

european film co-productions

European film co-productions – an opportunity or a challenge?

European film co-productions, an opportunity or a challenge? Are European film co-productions an opportunity or a challenge? The term “co-production” means the collaboration of several producers, through their mutual resources (financial, human and material) and

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